Wonen in Rotterdam
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Shopping and playing in Hillegersberg-Zuid!

This child-rich urban area immediately feels like home

Hillegersberg-Zuid is welcoming for young and old: no wonder people like to live here! The streets and avenues are serene and lined with trees and there are wonderful, hidden play areas, like nature playground Koeienplein. This child-friendly neighbourhood offers plenty of opportunities for young people to enjoy themselves, but adults can also enjoy good restaurants and fancy boutiques.

Out and about on the Kleiweg

A day in Hillegersberg-Zuid starts (and ends) on the Kleiweg shopping street where you can shop for big and small. At De Blauwe Balon, the racks are full of second-hand children’s clothes while adults can shop at Merkwaardig and Kimm Boetiek. Are you out with the kids? Then it’s time for a coffee and play stop at Ver Van Hier. This cafe is a second living room for everyone in the neighbourhood. Are you (finally) out on your own? Treat yourself to dinner at Restaurant Rijntje.

Wilgenhof Petting Zoo

The Wilgenhof petting zoo is situated in a beautiful location next to the Berg and Broek Park. Children (and adults) have come to see the farm animals here for the last forty years. There is a small playground with great appeal where you can also celebrate your birthday. Activity room ‘t Feestvarken (party animal) is nicely decorated and there are pancakes and lemonade for a treat. Finish the party off with a horse and carriage ride.

Torteltuin Playground

You will never want to leave the Torteltuin because everyone can go on an adventure here! For the little ones there is a large sandpit, for bigger children there are go-karts and risky, exciting climbing frames. Dads and moms can relax with a cup of coffee on the terrace. The Torteltuin also organises activities for young and old. Adults can learn flower arranging or play darts on Sundays. There is always something special for the children to do on Wednesday afternoons. In short, a great place for the neighbourhood.

Tram Museum

If you live in Rotterdam, you have undoubtedly seen an old-fashioned brown tram pass by. Line 10 of the Tram Museum has been Rotterdam’s tourist ‘summer tram line’ for more than twenty-five years. The museum is housed in the old tram depot on the Kootsekade. The collection consists of restored trams from different time periods. You can also rent a tram for special occasions! Wedding couples get picked up at City Hall and dropped off at the party venue.

Rebelz aan de Rotte

Rebelz aan de Rotte shows that a successful restaurant can also pursue a social goal. Former detainees follow internships and thus work on new prospects for the future. The interior reflects the mission and was designed by Iris Roskam and Arno Coenen. They are known for their distinctive designs, like the artwork on the ceiling of the Markthal. You can taste the roots and inspiration of Syrian chef Maher Sabbagh in, for example, the homemade Kibbeh.

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