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The bustling Bergselaan, artery of Bergpolder

Five colourful and characteristic hotspots

There are plenty of small, and sometimes a little seedy, pubs in Bergpolder, ideal for an evening out or a football game on Sunday. But where are the current neighbourhood hotspots? Those places for finding something special, hour-long drinking sessions and just for having fun? It is actually very simple: you’ll find them on (and just next to) the Bergselaan! These are the colourful and characteristic places that give Bergpolder more personality.

Van Maanenbad

Many a child from Rotterdam Noord first laid eyes on a swimming pool and learned to swim at the Sportfondsenbad van Maanenbad, in a side street of the Bergselaan. Small but nice, with an indoor and outdoor pool and lawn. After a thorough renovation, the pool opened again in 2015, completely modernised while the historic details were preserved. The swimming pool is once again a breeding ground for fun, many more children will learn to swim here in the coming years.

Alles in Wonderland

This store certainly lives up to its name, and you can’t help but feel like Alice in Wonderland as you look around the store stocked full with colourful lamps, accessories, gifts and other must-haves. At first glance it looks like they really have everything. The lamp collection dominates, but Alles in Wonderland also sells gadgets, home accessories and toys. Typically, one of those shops that you can’t leave empty-handed. Maybe a Djeco pop-up rocket or castle for your son, and doesn’t your husband urgently need new socks?

Bloembinderij Geschikt

At this florist on the Bergselaan, right next to Alles in Wonderland, you can buy the most beautiful bouquets in Rotterdam Noord. Florist Geschikt is also chock-full of beautiful things. Not surprising because the store has the same owners as the one next door. At Geschikt you can buy pots, vases, gifts and, of course, a beautiful bunch of flowers. Dynamic (field) bouquets that often consist of different seasonal flowers are mostly arranged according to their differences instead of similarities so that every flower comes into its own.

Toko Toorop

Many residents probably did a little dance of joy when Indonesian restaurant Toko Toorop arrived in the neighbourhood. They cook with passion in this toko, like granny does at home. Granny Titalepte, that is. Toko Toorop is an experience, togetherness, family and love. In this Indonesian restaurant you can eat or take-away authentic dishes. Choose the week special or a classic nasi udang. Eating ‘Toko Toorop-style’ is something you do together, but alone on the couch with nasi and Netflix is absolutely no punishment. Selamat makan!

Brasserie Tines

Brasserie Tines opened in 2017 on the corner of the Bergselaan and Savornin Lohmanlaan. There turned out to be a need for it in this sleepy neighbourhood and it was busy from day one. Head there for a beer from Brouwerij Noordt, for coffee from Man met Bril, a good lunch, dinner and a drink on the large terrace. Above all, go there for fun, because according to the owner Martine it’s all about warmth, hospitality and friendliness.

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