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Enjoy yourself in Schiebroek

If you think a visit to Schiebroek is boring, think again!

Are you wondering why your friends, family members or colleagues with children suddenly moved to Schiebroek? After reading this article it will be more than clear. Although slightly further from the centre of Rotterdam, Schiebroek has a lot to offer its residents. And before you know it, you’ll be doing your shopping on the Peppelweg and spending weekend after weekend in the Plaswijckpark. Told you so!


For 12 euros per day (or 52 euros per year) you can have fun from 10am to 7pm at Plaswijckpark. Actually, one day is not long enough. Inside you can play in the ball pit and on the jumping cushions, outside take the train over the terrain, ride in the carousel or cruise in the tour boat. In the summer you can cool off in the pool. Divided into ‘Speelwijck’ (Play Area), ‘Dierenwijck’ (Animal Kingdom) and ‘Wandelwijck’ (Walking District) there is plenty to discover. Be warned: one visit will leave you wanting more.

Wilgenhof Petting Zoo

The Wilgenhof petting zoo, next to Berg and Broek Park, is where children (and adults) have come to see farm animals for the last forty years. Just like a programme on sustainability, energy, water and nature, there is also a teaching programme that teaches primary school children more about animals, plants, food, agriculture and the environment. Go and meet farm cat Wendy, Lakenvelder cows Lenneke and Lotte, fjord horses Jerika and Taiga and the Great York pigs, sisters Bea and Truus.

Torteltuin Playground

It’s big, it’s green, it’s lively. It’s playground the Torteltuin! There’s an adventure waiting for young and old in the Melanchton Park on the Van Enckevoirtlaan in Schiebroek. From an (XXL) sandpit to a large climbing tower to tame, children from 2 to 12 will certainly have a good time. And you too, with a cup of coffee on the terrace where you can keep an eye on your offspring. In addition, it’s open every day of the week!

Sport Park Hazelaarweg

The place for sport in Schiebroek is without a doubt Sport Park Hazelaarweg. The largest Rotterdam Hockey Club HCR is situated here, just like the Rotterdam Cricket and Football Association, VOC. Three different sports in one complex! Where cricket needs clarification for some, no extra words are needed for football and hockey. However, extra places are necessary, especially for the latter. There is a waiting list for the largest youth department in the Netherlands. The notorious hockey parties are worth it!

Shops on the Peppelweg

Where the Peppelweg and the Rododendronplein meet is the shopping heart of Schiebroek. Residents come here for the supermarket, bakery, pharmacy, florist, hairdresser, liquor store, jeweller, toy store, optician, snack bar, gym and a cup of coffee. It seems obvious, but what a wealth to have so many amenities in your own neighbourhood! Once a week there is also a market with 48 stalls and many fresh products.

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