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Lose track of time in Terbregge

Five places where you’ll want to take your time

Terbregge is in a rural location, right next to the river Rotte. The former hamlet belongs to the district of Hillegersberg-Schiebroek and has the feel of a cosy village. This is not the place to go for bustling shopping streets, here you can enjoy peace, relaxation and a moment for yourself. Can we stretch out that moment a little longer? Tip: switch off your phone and forget the time in Terbregge.

De Ballenbak Indoor Playground

This indoor playground is safe, and children just can’t wait to jump into the ball pit, scramble and play! And that’s good, because then you have a moment for yourself. In De Ballebak Ommoord, located right next to Terbregge, there’s no time to be bored. With jumping cushions, ball pits, climbing walls and slides there is something for everyone. Children from 1 to 4 and from 4 to 12 play in separate sections. Perfect for rainy days, and in the summer you can play outdoors too.

Jachthaven Rottemeren

If you only had a boat and could sail on the waters of the Rottemeren whenever you wanted! The nature is beautiful and the biodiversity is enormous. You will see many special birds and plants, but that all-dominating peace and quiet on the Rotte is especially impressive. You’ll find the lucky boat owners at the marina of the Jachthaven Rottemeren. Pretend to be part of it, have a drink at the Dock of the Bay café and forget about the time. Fear of water? Cycling or walking along the river Rotte is also possible!

Sparta Sport Fields

On the Bok de Korverweg, just before Terbregge, you will find the sports fields of the Rotterdam Football and Athletics Association Sparta. Founded in 1888 as a cricket club, residents of Terbregge and surroundings can now also run and play football there. Most will only know Sparta as a football club. The professional football team split off from the amateur association in 1976, but there is still a strong bond. If you prefer to hit balls you will find Tennisvereniging Ommoord a bit further on.

De Prins van Terbregge

Restaurant De Prins van Terbregge considers quality to be of paramount importance (and this resulted in a good review in the NRC). The price-quality is top-notch. Is it due to the daily supply of fresh items, the regularly changing menu of seasonal products or the terrace on the water and the informal service? It could also be attributed to the 300 good wines that can be ordered with an explanation and by the glass. Go there, take your time and decide for yourself!

Het Kralingse Bos

A walk through the Kralingse Bos forest or an afternoon at the Kralingse Plas lake is always a fantastic way to spend your time, no matter how long you have lived in Rotterdam. Many local families drop in for a pancake on Sunday, have breakfast at De Tuin or a drink at De Schone Lei, the hotspots around the lake. It’s not only popular with Rotterdam residents. If you talk to visitors about the city, they often comment on how beautiful the skyline is when seen from the lake. Tell us something we don’t know!

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