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I’am a student/ starter

I'm going to study in Rotterdam. How do I get accommodation?

You are going to study in Rotterdam and yes, of course you would like to live in the most dynamic city in the Netherlands. Here you have the space to be yourself, to grow and to develop yourself as a professional. But how do you start? And where do you actually want to live? We have written an article about this with 4 steps (register, choose district, view, and now?) to find your ideal room, studio or apartment.

Can I get rent allowance?

Rent allowance is a reimbursement of part of the rental costs. In some cases, the government pays rent allowance to make it possible for everyone in the Netherlands to live affordably.

Whether you receive rent allowance and how much depends on the amount of your calculated rent (basic rent including service costs), your age and your financial situation. One condition is that you are at least 18 years old and registered with the municipality of Rotterdam. Use the calculation tool of the Tax and Customs Administration to make a test calculation rent allowance.

The conditions and income limits for housing benefit depend on your personal situation. On the website of the Tax and Customs Administration you will find a complete overview of the conditions for rent benefit per situation.

How do I apply for rent allowance?
You can apply for rent allowance at the Tax and Customs Administration. First check whether you meet the conditions for rent allowance. To apply for rent allowance, you need information about your housing costs (basic rent and service costs).

Can I apply for a starter loan?

From August 1, 2021, Rotterdammers between the ages of 18 and 35 can apply for a starter loan for the purchase of their first home. Rotterdam residents over the age of 35 who leave a social rental home from a housing corporation can also apply for the starter loan. This should make it easier to buy a house in the Maasstad. Read more about the starter loan and how you can apply for it here.

As a starter, can I get a mortgage for my first home?

Do you dream of your first owner-occupied home? Then of course you want to know if you can get a mortgage. Rising prices on the housing market are not making things any easier. More and more people also have a temporary contract or work as a self-employed person. Moreover, a student debt can stand in the way of buying a house. Yet more is possible than you think. Maybe for you too. More information can be found in this article.

Where can I find an affordable home as a starter?

The housing market is in full swing and there is currently more demand for affordable homes than supply. Make sure you are always the first to receive the latest housing offers in your mailbox by registering on Funda and Rotterdam estate agents for notifications or the newsletter with your searches. We also show the latest housing offers in the Wonen in Rotterdam newsletter and you can view our map with all new-build projects whose homes will be let or sold now or in the near future. Here you can filter by price and zoom in on neighborhoods.

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