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Find the home that’s right for you in Rotterdam

Expats love this city. But what’s involved in finding the perfect apartment?

So, you’re moving to Rotterdam. Congratulations! It’s such a cool and energetic place with a vibrant mix of more than 170 nationalities and a population of approx. 623.000. Would you prefer to stay on the 27th floor of a skyscraper, or do you need a family house close to the city’s park? And how can you find and rent (or buy) your dream house or apartment? Below we explain some key things you need to know to find a house in Rotterdam.

Step 1: Finding a place

Most people start their search online. All the leading estate agents have their own websites which are constantly being updated with the latest properties. Some even specialise in expat rentals or do special arrangements like “short stay”.

You can take a look on the popular site Funda and also sign up at Pararius.

Rotterdam estate agents (long and short stay):
KolpaRiva RentalsRotterdam Apartments

DW HousingPortsvilleTweelwonen – Van der Valk Vastgoed – Holland2Stay
Verra Real Estate – Ben Housing – Urban Residences – Worldhotel Wings – Short Stay Apartments – Our Domain – IAM Expat

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Step 2: viewing a place

Found a property you like? Great. Pick up the phone right away and call the agent to arrange a viewing. Normally it will be possible to organise something within a couple of days. They’ll show you around and you can ask all the questions you want. Be prepared to make a decision pretty quickly after that because you don’t want someone else to jump in front of you!

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Step 3: doing the paperwork

After agreeing to rent a property, the agents will do all the paperwork for you. Generally they make it as smooth as possible for expats but just make sure you have the relevant documentation to hand – like passport, bank account details and things like that. Money-wise, you should count on making an initial payment equivalent to three months’ rent. That covers the agent’s fee, a deposit on the property and your first month’s rent.

Generally your contract will be for a period of one year but, in some cases, it’s possible to negotiate a shorter term: just have a word with the agent. After the first year, you will go on to a rolling month-by-month contract which is really convenient because you just need to give one month’s notice when it’s time to move on again.

If you need any more help or advice about living in Rotterdam, visit Rotterdam Expat Centre.

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‍Step 4: living in Rotterdam

As an expat it’s pretty easy to settle down in the city. There are many great neighbourhoods all with their own particular vibes to choose from. In Centrum, you’ll be close to all the shops and nightlife as well as the central station. Behind the station, there’s the Noord district which has lot of great apartments in gorgeous properties dating back to the last century. Hillegersberg/Schiebroek is a family friendly district with lots of green spaces as well as chic boutiques. And Kralingen/Crooswijk is a lively melting pot of a place with a wide choice of housing options, shops and restaurants plus the lake that’s great for watersports or for just wandering around.

Good luck with your move and we look forward to seeing you around!

Buying a house in Rotterdam

Buying a house in another country is a very big step. The search, financial issueus, contracts, what to look for during house visits and more. But you will have your own place and it can be good in case of lower monthy costs, compared to renting. The most common way to find a house that suits your wishes is via the Funda website. This national housing aggregator lets you apply lots of different filters: how many rooms, if you want a balcony or garden, your preferred price category and more. You can also create a Funda account (which is free) and set up an alert based on your preferences, which will notify you when properties you’d like to view become available. Everyting about buying a house in Rotterdam, you can at Rotterdam Expat Centre and about mortgage and financial advice, check Dutch Mortgage Specialist.

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Rotterdam Expat Centre: one stop shop for expats

Education, career, health care, childcare, insurance, transport, housing, taxes… working for a company abroad comes with many challenges on a variety of issues. Trying to find the answers and solutions can take a lot of time, effort and energy. Rotterdam Expat Centre is the specialized one stop shop for expats who are looking for services and information about working and living in Rotterdam.

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