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Feel the harbour in the Maritime District

Feel the harbour in the Maritime District

You can feel the port everywhere in Rotterdam. Sometimes physically, sometimes because the typical Rotterdam no-nonsense, hands-on mentality is tangible in the daily happenings of the city. The Maritime District is a place where these elements come together. The lovely harbours, the special initiatives, the many restaurants, the old buildings and the new, the museums and of course the Maas. This is where the heart of Rotterdam beats.

Maritime Museum That Rotterdam is a genuine port city can be experienced at the Maritime Museum. Here you will not only find the rich history of the ports of Rotterdam, but also discover the influence the maritime world still has on our lives. Take a look at the exhibitions (for young and old), listen to exciting stories and admire beautiful masterpieces from the museum’s collection.

Hot Tug Have you ever heard of the Hot Tug? No? Then it’s about time! This floating bath is located in the Rotterdam Wijnhaven and is the first wood-fired hot tub in which you can sail. Not only on warm summer evenings when you can enjoy the last rays of the sun with a cold drink in your hand, but also in the winter, in a warm, steaming bath through the inner-city waters of Rotterdam. With friends, family or colleagues, cosy!

The Red Apple Marina Close to Blaak Station and the Markthal you will find a brand-new city marina for permanent berths and those just passing through. You can walk to the city from the harbour, but you also have a view of all the impressive high-rise buildings, which will expand in the coming years. The harbour is special because it was set up and run by residents from the ‘Maritime District’, the area around the Wijnhaven.

Watertaxi and Spido It’s hard to think of Rotterdam without thinking of the Maas River. And what could be more fun than a ride across this big river? Going to work by water taxi in the morning is not a strange phenomenon in Rotterdam. But you can catch the water taxi just for fun too. Approximately 400,000 passengers sail to one of the 50 berths in the Maas and the harbours each year. A real must do!

Dutch Marine Corps Museum If you have always wanted to know everything about how the Marine Corps works, from as early as 1650 onwards, then don’t miss a visit to the Marine Corps Museum. Here you’ll learn what it is like to survive in a desert, or to sit at sea for months. Various exhibitions, tours and activities take you into the world of Dutch marines.

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