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I want to rent a house

How can I find a rental property in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a great city where many people would like to (continue to) live. For anyone looking for a rental property, we have collected information and tips to help you on your way. You can read this in the article ‘How do I find a rental property in Rotterdam‘. We wish everyone a nice home in Rotterdam!

Where can I find an overview of all rental properties in Rotterdam?

On the Living in Rotterdam site you will find the housing supply of rental properties that are listed on Funda. These are both new and existing homes. You can filter yourself on, for example, the rental price, the neighborhood or the type of rental property. In addition, you can filter on the map with new construction projects by rental properties and price range.

Click here for the range of new-build rental properties in Rotterdam.
Click here for the range of existing rental properties in Rotterdam.

Social rent offer (up to € 752.33):
For the current range of social housing in Rotterdam, we refer you to WoonnetRijnmond.

Providers of rental properties in Rotterdam:
Most rental properties can be found on the national platforms Funda and Pararius, but it is always good to also keep an eye on the sites of local Rotterdam landlords, such as:
Atta Makelaars Rotterdam
Havensteder Rotterdam
Kolpa van der Hoek Makelaars
Maarten Makelaardij
Ooms Makelaars
Re/MAX Makelaar Rotterdam
Riva Rentals
Rotterdam Appartments
Schieland Borsboom Makelaars
TW3 Makelaardij
– Van Herk Makelaardij
– Velthaak & Keijzer Makelaars
Woonbron Rotterdam
Woonstad Rotterdam

I want to rent a house, what should I take into account?

The municipality of Rotterdam pays attention to the proper renting and letting of homes. Landlords must adhere to the rules of good landlordship. This means that homes are rented out with a good rental contract. It also means that rents are always calculated according to the housing valuation system. And it means that properties are well managed and maintained. Abuses such as overcrowding, intimidation, housing and address fraud, discrimination and exploitation of tenants are unacceptable.

Tips for tenants

If you want to rent a house in Rotterdam, there are a number of rules that you should take into account. To make it a bit easier for you, the municipality of Rotterdam has put together a few tips especially for tenants.

Calculate the rental price

It is also always useful to know how much rent can be charged. You can calculate the rental price at Weetwatjehuurt.nl.

Do you get priority over a rental property if you work as a teacher, police officer or in healthcare?

Rotterdam has a shortage of teachers, police officers and people in healthcare. Anyone who works or wants to work in one of these professions in Rotterdam can be given priority over a rental home in the city. In this way, the municipality wants to make it easier for these groups to choose Rotterdam. They are investigating whether this is possible in a number of pilot projects with rental properties with different rents. To be entitled to this scheme, a number of conditions apply. Students of a study program for one of these professions may also be entitled to this.

You can read more about it on this page of the municipality.

Can I get rent allowance in Rotterdam?

Rent allowance is a contribution to the rental costs of your rental home. If you rent a house in Rotterdam, you may be eligible for housing benefit. This applies to both housing association and private rental properties. However, you must meet several conditions for this. For example, the rent may not be too high (limit in 2021 is a maximum of € 752.33 basic rent + service costs), the level of income is taken into account and you must be registered at the relevant address.

Information about rent allowance can be found on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration – Allowances. You can also make a test calculation here. This way you know how much housing allowance you are entitled to and what you have to pay yourself each month.

How much rent can I pay?

You see a beautiful rental house that meets your needs. The question then is whether the rent is justified. To determine this, a landlord looks at your income (often there is an income requirement of at least 3.5 times the monthly rent), equity, debts and obligations. If you rent an apartment or house, it is important that it fits within your budget. Because you rent something to live in and living costs money.

There are no national guidelines, but it is wise that the rent is a maximum of one third of your net salary. This prevents you from getting into financial difficulties due to high monthly costs. The cost of living is high and in addition you often pay part of the fixed costs on top of the rent and a landlord asks for a rental guarantee. This is a kind of guarantee for the owner in case of bad payment or major damage. If your rental contract ends without any problems, you will of course get this amount back.

What should you pay attention to in the rental price
Are the energy costs included in the rent? (Mostly not)
Will there be additional maintenance costs? (usually a few tens of euros)
Have you set aside money for the security deposit? (2 to 3 months of the rental amount)
Do you have stable income for the duration of your contract?
Is there still a buffer for a defective device or breakdown?
Take into account one-off costs for the move and for furnishing your new home (and garden)!

Do you have a rental property in mind and do you want to know if you can afford it? Then do a calculation check here.

How do I know if I'm not paying too much rent?

A tenant pays rent to a landlord every month to use his home. In return, a landlord provides a pleasant and safe home to live in. With the Rental Price Calculator you can see whether you pay a reasonable rent. Do you pay a higher rent than the maximum permitted rent? Then you can enforce a lower rent. This can save hundreds of euros per year.

What type of rental agreement is right for me?

In principle, there are two types of rental agreements:
1. A rental agreement of at least 12 months, which is automatically extended after 12 months to a rental agreement for an indefinite period. This can then be canceled monthly.
2. A rental agreement of a maximum of 24 months. This is often used by private landlords to increase the flexibility of the landlord. (With rental agreement 1, the landlord has no influence on when they have to leave the house, this is entirely up to the tenant).

What is the difference between a social rental home and a rental home in the private sector?

A social rental home has a limited rent. The rent may never exceed a certain amount. This is called the maximum rent limit of the house.

Differences in social rent and rent in the free sector

Social rent
Starting rent lower than 752 euros per month
Through housing association
Income should not be too high
Rent allowance possible

Rent free sector
No maximum rental price
Via private landlord or housing association
All incomes possible
Rent allowance is often not possible

More information about the difference between social rent and free sector rent, the rules, checking the rent and rent protection can be found on the website of the central government.

How do I know if my landlord is reliable?

Before you enter into a rental agreement, we always advise you to search the internet for information about the landlord. In Rotterdam, landlords must comply with increasingly strict guidelines. Among other things through the introduction of Rotterdam Good Rental Regulations. This prevents problems and creates clarity. On the website Weetwatjehuurt.nl you will find tips especially for tenants that can also help you further.

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