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Rotterdam is a cosmopolitan residential city. With houses in the clouds, on the water or near the meadow. In quiet neighborhoods with lots of greenery, in varied city districts full of life and in the bustling city center. It is a city with so many different living environments that everyone can feel comfortable here. Whatever lifestyle, age or cultural background someone has.

With Woneninrotterdam.nl we help you as a house seeker to find your new home in Rotterdam. We are there for you in every step of your search for buying a new house or rental home, self-build plot or DIY project.

On our site you will find the latest news about new construction projects in Rotterdam, stories from the residents themselves and tips from professionals and specialists. There’s something for everyone. Whether you are going to study, buying your first house, looking for a house for your family or want to return to the Maasstad. We help you with your search, financial tips and, among other things, advice on sustainable adjustments to your home.

Wonen in Rotterdam is a collaboration between the Municipality of Rotterdam, brokers, project developers, housing associations, investors and financial service providers who have a strong bond with Rotterdam. On our site you will therefore often find just a little more about that neighborhood that caught your eye or that new construction project where you would like to live.


“Create your own home in a city that is constantly changing but still remains Rotterdam”.


Do you have any questions? Ask them via [email protected]. The more you ask us, the better we can help you as a house seeker in Rotterdam.

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