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Noord – historical buildings and quiet neighbourhoods

What are the best spots to visit for expats in Noord?

The Noord (‘North’) district is popular with families. Relatively large properties dating back from before the First and Second World Wars (and often along attractive waterways) offer expats really cool places to live. With several parks and the zoo it’s a family friendly place but there’s plenty for grown-ups too.

Quality of life
There’s an elegance and sense of peace in Noord which makes it very special. Old districts with gorgeous traditional buildings sit among many waterways making giving a very unique feel. Oude Noorden, in particular, is characterized by its winding streets – something you don’t see much in modern Rotterdam. Quiet neighbourhoods like Blijdorp are ideal for families – especially as it also hosts the zoo which is one of the five most visited attractions in The Netherlands. The Rotterdam International Secondary School is also in Noord where your children can learn in English while soaking up Dutch culture. Busy shopping streets and many, many restaurants and bars mean everything you could possibly need for a comfortable life is here – but the city centre is just fifteen minutes away on a bike if you need it.

Housing options
There is a mix of old, well-established neighbourhoods such as Bergpolder and new, up and coming ones such as around the Hofbogen and in the ZOHO district. The Bergpolder has great appeal for starters and single households with the area attracting many younger residents. The Bergselaan is a long street of traditional Dutch terraced properties now converted into apartments which offer elegant living in a bustling and lively neighbourhood. Over in Blijdorp, houses tend to be pre-war and ideal for families – although there’s something here for everyone. The Liskwartier is special not only for its avenues and canals but for an especially child-friendly environment. Find out more about how to rent a home in Rotterdam in our Step by Step Guide.

Recreational opportunities abound. We have mentioned the zoo already but it’s worth emphasising that this national monument makes a great day out with its fantastic walking routes, playgrounds, cosy terraces and Oceanium – in addition to all the animal enclosures. Noord is also home to many lovely parks such as the Roel Langerakpark with its public running track and the Vroesenpark which is especially popular with locals in the summer who come here to barbecue and drink chardonnay on warm evenings. The Hofbogen is one of Noord’s main landmarks. Beneath an old railway line, boutique bars, cafes, shops and, well, you name it have popped up to make this one of the districts cultural hubs. The nearby Hofplein with its fountain is another landmark spot where you’ll see Feijenoord fans celebrating when the team wins a big game. Nearby, the newly renovated Proveniersplein (right behind the central station) brings together restaurant options from different parts of the world. Find out more about Rotterdam Noord here.

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