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Hillegersberg-Schiebroek – family friendly and full of green spaces

What are the best spots to visit for expats in Hillegersberg-Schiebroek?

Situated to the north east of the city centre, Hillegersberg-Schiebroek is a popular collection of elegant, leafy residential areas set around two beautiful lakes. Surrounding districts like the Molenlaankwartier and the garden city of Schiebroek combine comfortable living with open spaces making this a pretty idyllic spot for expats.

Quality of life
With its lakes and parks it’s easy to forget that in Hillegersberg you’re only ten minutes from the city centre on public transport (a bit longer by car). Even Schiebroek, in the north of this district, is served by both metro and trams so getting downtown is hassle-free. Largely untouched by the bombing in the war, Hillegersberg has the feeling of a village in places and retains a charm all of its own. This district is home to several international schools so it’s also perfect for expats with families. Kids will enjoy the many parks which also offer sports and recreation both on and off the water for all ages. Bang in the middle of everything is the popular Kleiweg shopping street, packed full of interesting and useful stores.

Housing options
Considering its location and facilities, it’s not surprising that properties in Hillegersberg-Schiebroek are not cheap but the area is immensely popular with both locals and expats. There are, in fact, several residential areas. You will find properties from the 1920s and 30s in Hillegersberg Zuid, a lively neighbourhood surrounded by nature and just a short hop over the railway line to the city centre. Villas and apartments in the centre of Hillegersberg proper, especially those along the water which even have their own little jetties, tend to be rather pricey – but to die for nonetheless. The Molenlaankwartier to the east is a popular neighbourhood although, again, with relatively expensive houses dating back to the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Schiebroek to the north is a mixture of higher priced family homes and apartments. Find out more about how to rent a home in Rotterdam in our Step by Step Guide.

While the shops on Kleiweg offer you a good selection of interesting stores, serious shoppers head for the Bergse Dorpsstraat. This is the very centre of Hillegersberg and features exclusive boutiques, chic fashion stores, cosy restaurants and traditional brown bars. If sport is your thing, the lakes and parks offer opportunities for running, walking, skating and sailing. The Hooge Rotterdamsche Golf Course is also here as well as the really cool natural swimming pool ’t Zwarte Plasje. Kids will love the chance to paddle in the lakes but there are lots of other attractions for them too. The Plaswijckpark is one of the most beautiful and largest children’s attractions in the area with its own petting zoo. Or there’s the Torteltuin Playground with fun activities for kids of all ages including some awesome go-karts. All in all, Hillegersberg is a terrific place to live. Even if you don’t end up moving here be sure to hop on your bike sometime and check it out. Find out more about Hillegersberg-Schiebroek here.

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