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Deliplein Katendrecht
Fenix Loods - Katendrecht
SS Rotterdam - Katendrecht
Katendrecht Newly built


Nowadays, you can live on the Kaap (Cape) without an anchor on your arm, as Katendrecht is also known. It’s a pioneering neighborhood where you have to be able to handle the salty sea air. Once a center of resistance against the Germans and a meeting place for sailors, criminals, and prostitutes. From being the most unsafe neighborhood in Rotterdam to the second safest neighborhood in the city. With quality education nearby and popular attractions like Fenix Food Factory, SS Rotterdam, and the cozy Theater Walhalla as neighbors. The old harbors are now a warm home.

District data

Construction period 23% was built between 2000 and 2010 Family composition Living together with children
Accessibility 14 minutes Coolsingel 44 minutes Den Haag Bus 77 + metro D, E

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