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Nieuw Mathenesse

View of the Merwehavens with the Floating Farm and Weelde
Keilewerf 2 with the Food Garden in Nieuw-Mathenesse
The Keilewerf with creative companies
The Food Garden with an artwork by Atelier Van Lieshout of AVL Mundo
Walking on the Dakpark in Nieuw-Mathenesse
De Floating Farm in the Merwehaven


Nieuw-Mathenesse, also referred to as the Merwe- en Vierhavensgebied (M4H), was once one of the largest fruit ports in the world. As part of the Rotterdam Makers District, this district is nowadays best known for the arrival of many creative and innovative manufacturing companies such as Daan Roosegaarde’s Droomfabriek, Lightship Cider and Atelier Van Lieshout. Due to the further decline in port activities, the area will slowly grow into a new residential and working area with catering, culture and other urban functions in the coming years.

District data

Construction period 50% was built before 1945 Family composition Single-person households
Accessibility 14 minutes Centraal Station 31 minutes Den Haag Tram 21, 24 + metro A, B, C

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